About California Eco Design

While we are first and foremost a landscape design company, our mission is to help homeowners go green while enjoying a higher standard of living. We go beyond traditional landscape design and create a personal action plan for sustainability. Whether it is because you love wildlife, are trying to reduce your exposure to toxins, are interested in reducing dependence on economic, food, and energy systems beyond your control, looking to save money, eat healthier, or all of the above, California Eco Design can help.

The landscape we help you create is a system of working parts that employ the wisdom of nature to produce goods and services. Instead of putting scarce resources (energy, money, labor, water) into maintaining an unchanging picture perfect image, we strive for healthy landscapes that provide essential services- cleaning water and air, producing food, medicines, and providing habitat for birds and pollinators. At the same time, we make functional places to play, places to connect to the world and others, or peaceful settings to enjoy a quiet moment.

Our future-friendly landscapes function and look great because we apply the rigor and historical perspective of landscape architecture to the principles of ecological design.



Founder Kai Craig grew up in Hawaii, where he began a lifetime passion for learning how people adapt to their environment. He earned a degree from UC Berkeley in Conservation and Resource Studies, a self-designed, interdisciplinary major in which he focused on sustainable agriculture, coastal ecology, and traditional resource management, leading him to a year abroad at the University of the West Indies in Barbados.

While honing his skills as a designer in the video game industry, Kai discovered ecological design at the San Francisco Institute of Architecture. He went on to receive his Masters of Landscape Architecture at Cal Poly Pomona. His thesis group created a recreation and public access plan for the 28-mile Santa Clara River Parkway currently being developed by the Coastal Conservancy. In 2006, he was awarded the Anchor Environmental Scholarship and began working for the City of Los Angeles' Stormwater Division.

Kai is a Long Beach resident, a new father driven to make California a better place for future generations.

Kai Craig

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