Future Friendly Landscaping

Commercial Landscape
Anaheim Avenue, Long Beach, CA

A custom design for a modern building. This recent addition to Long Beach's architectural landmarks required a very clean looking plant palette. We accomplished this with both native and exotic plants, including manzanita, California sagebrush hybrids, dudleya, Mendocino reed grass, dymondia, ground cover morning glory, kangaroo paw, and various sedums.

We kept the plantings low to emphasize the building's floating appearance. The paving pattern resonates with the lines of the building.

Modern Landscape Design

4601 Anaheim Street in Long Beach

Modernist Rock Garden.

An Abstract Rock Garden with Vivid Color

Kangaroo Paw Border

Rock Garden

Commercial Landscape, Part II
Anaheim Avenue, Long Beach, CA

Our work progressed to include the sidewalk strip and foundation plantings of 4601 Anaheim. We continued to rely heavily on native plants and vivid colors that complement the rich tone of the building.

The Strawberry Tree Arbutus 'Marina', with its peeling bark, mimics the rust colored vertical elements of the building. 'Canyon Prince' creeping wild rye creates a splash at the foundation. A meadow of gamma grass, wild strawberry, California fescue, and yarrow surrounds planters of sage, buckwheat, and verbena.

Modern Landscape Design

A recessed stormwater treatment planter with rushes is at bottom-left.

Building Profile

Modernist Architecture Goes Native

Kangaroo Paw
ca woodland garden

Contemporary Residential Design
Huntington Beach, CA

An Ocean Friendly garden redirects stormwater away from drains and to a central raingarden. Channels cut in the driveway intercept and convey runoff. A concrete stain for the driveway unifies six distinct garden areas. Small basins and checkdams allow water to infiltrate without becoming a problem.

The future of our water supply and the oceans depends on every home treating rainwater as a precious resource not a problem to get rid of. We're always happy to work with clients who 'get it'.

Modern Landscape Design

Contemporary Home

A series of raingardens and drought tolerant plants make this Yard Ocean-Friendly

Kangaroo Paw Kangaroo Paw ca woodland garden


garden makeover


Courtyard Remodel
Long Beach, CA

This shady courtyard garden was overgrown and water intensive. The client wanted to create a more open feeling and give it an architectural look. Lighting and a fountain, a revived and newly stained concrete wall, and a combination of native woodland and shade tolerant succulents create a peaceful and meditative space. The collaborative effort with the client was an enjoyable process with great results.

lighting design

The courtyard now has a distinct feel that comes alive at night

courtyard lighting design ca woodland garden courtyard design native courtyard

lawn before makeover


Coastal Garden House
Belmont Shore, Long Beach, CA

A few blocks from the beach, this house needed to tie into its surroundings. We made that connection by modifying the hardscape and using a mostly native plant palette. The result is a home that merges pleasantly with the landscape.

Flowing grasses border areas planted with manzanita, buckwheat, sage, penstemon and other native sage scrub plants. Thyme, wild strawberry, dymondia, and sedums will fill in the pathways.

Native Coastal Garden

Native plants need room to grow...

native coast garden scarlet monkeyflower native closeup

backyard makeover


Native Woodland
Whittier Hills, CA

Our design featured reuse of existing materials, permeable pavers and pebbles, and mortarless block wall units to create interesting spaces and reorganize the backyard of this home. Yarrow and hummingbird sage are quick to establish while coffeeberry, currant, and red dogwood mature.

The downspout is now connected to a below-ground perforated pipe to capture and distribute rainfall to the garden. A win-win for the homeowner and the coastal environment.

forest garden

hardscape and native woodland

Woodland plantings frame a peaceful, private corner of the yard


Yard Restoration


California Native Garden
Ohio Avenue, Long Beach, CA

native front yard

Parents and children love our native gardens. They provide a lot more interesting opportunities for play than a lawn, and they're free of harmful chemicals.

The homeowner, a volunteer at the El Dorado Nature Center, wanted to create a native habitat that would attract birds and butterflies. Our planting plan ranged from woodland plants on the north to coastal sage scrub plants on the south, and coastal strand plantings in the sidwalk parkway. Within three months we have a profusion of color and wildlife activity!

We also provided redwood planter boxes for a kitchen garden amongst the native plants.

california poppy iris flower


monkeyflower penstemon bop coral bells

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